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7 Wave Long Sat Nam


"Sat Nam" is the seed that becomes planted deeply into the fertile soil of one's consciousness. There it grows like an emerging light clearing, cleansing and blossoming so the beauty of self can shine.  This mantra will cleanse your vibration of negativity. What remains is positivity, and light of the divine flowing through you.


This technique was described by Yogi Bhajan as the master key that opens all the locks of darkness.


Stubborn old energy patterns, thoughts, and reactive behaviors that may have been acquired over a lifetime or brought forward from generations past can be dissolved and their dense opacity removed from the psyche. 


In this version of practicing this mantra the palms are pressed together in "prayer pose", balancing the left and right, male and female, projective and receptive. In the center balance point is one's neutrality, where intuition can function with clarity.

The sound of the mantra is, "Suht Naam", in which the vowels sound like "ah". Allow the vowels to vibrate freely into the conch of your upper palate. This is a language that is understood by your midbrain, shifting the radiance of your pituitary.


This mantra has been practiced for thousands of years. The meaning of Sat is truth. Nam is the personification.  "It means the spirit of that creative God, the cosmos, stands personified through these vibrations." ~ Yogi Bhajan , 6/14/79

How to do it

1. SIT UP STRAIGHT:  Sit up tall, feeling your spine as a vibrating chord of energy that runs from earth to heaven. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Bring your chin slightly back while keeping your face forward, straightening the spine through the neck. 

2. EYES: Close your eyes and focus them gently and inwardly internally at the third eye point - the point where the eyebrows would meet if they did. 


3. PRAYER POSE:  Place your palms against each other at the center of the chest, with thumbs touching the center of the sternum.

4.  INHALE: Inhale deeply and fully to the base of your abdomen.


5. CHANT OUT LOUD: With the exhale begin to chant the first syllable, Saa, sensing the vibration of it internally. Coil the sacred sound through each of the first six chakras, and continue bringing the vibration up your spine for almost your entire exhalation. Start at the base of your spine, feeling a wave of vibration activating the first chakra at the perineum, vibrating up through the level of the sexual organs, the navel, the heart, the throat and the third eye. Envision each wave of vibration penetrating and blessing each chakra.  


When you reach the 7th charka at the crown of the head complete the sound of the first syllable," with the "T" sound, in which your tongue touches and releases from the roof of your mouth.

With the very last of your breath chant a short " Naam" for that resonates for a second or two.  Envision the vibration of this sound projecting from the 7th Chakra at the top of the head radiating into the magnetic field around your body, through the aura, your 8th chakra, clearing and blessing, and flowing on into Infinity.

Then inhale again deeply and consciously into your lower abdomen, and start another round of the mantra. 

7) CONTINUE STEADILY for 3  minutes to 62 minutes. We recommend 11 minutes for a beautiful effect. 


8) TO FINISH: Inhale deeply, close your eyes, hold your breath and stretch your spine tall. When you feel ready to do so, exhale, release your hands down to rest with palms up upon the knees. Sit still with closed eyes and breathe gently, and feel the vibration you have created in your aura. 

Blessings to you! Have a beautiful blessed day and night in the presence of your angels, your own sense of divinity and the healing energy of mother earth and father sky.

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