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Writing with the beginner in mind, longtime yoga practitioners Virginia and Khalsa have created a simple and streamlined introduction to the ancient and transformative practice of kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga focuses on energy (prana) and the pathways in which it moves throughout the body, specifically the eight chakras, by using breath and certain yoga poses to clear the way. When energy passes easily within the body without blockage, kundalini yoga proclaims that we are more radiant and healthy in mind, body, and soul. The accessible techniques provided in this book, including mantras and meditations, are described in clear language with an image of each pose to facilitate practice. In addition, for optimal movement and flow, kundalini sets, or kriyas, are performed in a sequence for specific results. Throughout, the authors provide keys to unlocking energy and clearing thinking in order to reach our highest potential and live our fullest lives.

VERDICT: For yoga fans seeking to complement their practice with deep breathing techniques and strengthen their routine through spirituality. An enlightening and motivating book for even the most inexperienced.

"... enlightening and motivating..."

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