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The Advance Gratitude Technique

How to do it

You deserve to live a life full of happiness, health and abundance. The Advance Gratitude Technique uses your physical body to vibrate into the potential of the physical world. The four steps - relaxing, envisioning, sensation and gratitude work in harmony. We use our body as an antenna that broadcasts into the world around us. This technique, developed by Karena and Dharm after many years of practice, brings amazing results, and can only be used for good.


Once you have spent time getting clear, dropping resistance, and listening to your inner vastness with the exercises in the book, Essential Kundalini Yoga, you will begin to allow yourself to trust that what you desire is also calling to you. And is on its way.

 1. Relax

Sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes. Take long, slow, deep breaths. Focus completely on your breathing. Relax every muscle in your body. Allow your jaw to drop slightly open. Breathe slowly, filling your abdomen on each inhalation, and emptying your lungs on each exhalation.


By relaxing you activate the miracle of allowing. Allowing is inherent in your parasympathetic nervous system but we often resist it with stress, blocking the flow of energy. In your softness you become receptive. As you let your armor down you allow your inner glow to project beyond your physical body. 



2. Envision 


The 2nd step is to envision your most heartfelt desire. Create a strong, coherent picture in your mind. Give yourself permission to truly see what you wish for with all of your eyes. We have two physical eyes for outer sights, and we have a third eye for insights. Give yourself permission to see what you wish for without judgement. Notice every detail. Give it clarity. Allow it without your mind creating any negativity. Do not think of it as impossible. Clearly picture what you desire. 

Trust that there is a sacred reason you are desiring it. Spirit speaks to us through our high frequency desires.  


Permit yourself the pleasure of the possibility. Allow for the possibility that whatever the universe is attracting you towards is for the highest good of all. Trust the goodness of your own soul. Visualize. Visualize. Visualize.


3. Feel

The 3rd step is to feel how good it feels within your physical body. Create the sensation of already having what you have envisioned right here and now. Explore the feeling in every detail, allowing it to enter every fiber of you and fill your body as though it has already occurred. Feel it very tangibly and physically  your muscles, bones, and heart as a very distinct sensation.  See it, smell it, taste it. Imagine your environment and feel yourself in it. 


Deeply immerse in the sensation of enjoying it. Allow that pleasure to ripple though you, and stay with it. For many it can feel overwhelmingly sensual. To some their skin tingles. You may feel it in your back, your ribs or your abdomen. Feel the wonderful physical sensation inside your physical body. Your dream is here right now.



4. Gratitude


The 4th step is to create immense gratitude for that very feeling inside. The key is to create gratitude for the inner sensation rather than for the abstract external idea. Create the emotion for the sensations happening inside your body. Feel so grateful for how wonderful it feels. It is a feeling of immense satisfaction and bliss. Give thanks from your thoughts into your heart, and from your heart into your energy field. It is real. It is possible. It is beautiful.  


Say aloud three or more times: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When you give thanks in advance for your most heartfelt dreams, a dynamic of readiness is created. Your bio-electric field becomes a highly attractive force. You become a radiant being with a fertile ground to receive the miracles that are on their way. The wonders of the Universe are so very obtainable when you activate them with gratitude.

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